Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Southern California Earthquake Data Fit for 2000 - 2009

During the last couple of days I was able to download some earthquake data for the last decade from the Southern California Earthquake Data Center and obtained a better fit. With more data the errors tend to cancel out more and are relatively smaller. It was found that the gain function could be treated as a simple polynomial with g on a log-log scale. I did the fit by trial and error and later could not get my computer to find a better fit for some reason. A solution was computed for a set of coefficients for the polynomial and fitted by eye to minimize the deviation from the data. The mechanism works fairly well for Southern California.

The earthquake rates for the Markov process of the assumed mechanism indicate a central peak and are relatively smaller at both large and small magnitudes.

The data was collected by the Southern California Seismic Network which is a colaborative effort by Caltech and the USGS.

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