Monday, December 26, 2011

Founders Tree

In Humboldt Redwoods State Park near Weott, CA along an old route of Hwy 101, also known as The Avenue of the Giants, is Founders Grove in which one can find one of the tallest living trees in the world. It's known as The Founders Tree and is dedicated to the founders of the Save-The-Redwoods League. It is 346.1 feet or 111.0 meters tall.

Founders Tree

It's not the tallest tree in the park. That title is claimed by Stratosphere Giant. The tallest redwood currently known is Hyperion in Redwood National and State Parks.

Supplemental (Dec 27): The Founders Tree coordinates on a
USGS topographic map (CA Weott 102418 1969 24000 geo)
are 40° 21.121'N, 123° 55.426'W.

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