Saturday, June 9, 2012

Image Resolution With Eyepiece Projection

I used a small telescope with a 50mm diameter, f = 625mm objective lens to do the eyepiece projection and photographed the image with a Kodak Z981 digital camera. The eyepiece was a 12.5mm Huygens*. The resolution of the projected image was better than the posted images indicate since the Z981 has a 33mm diameter aperture for its zoom lens. The image motion due to the windy conditions and the difficulty capturing the images by hand probably also affected the resolution somewhat. This zoomed in image of the sunspots shows the greater detail available.
One can compare the enhanced detail with an image captured by Big Bear about the same time.
*see R. A. Houstoun, A Treatise on Light for a description of the Huygens eyepiece.

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