Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anaglyphs from Navcam Images

  I did some anaglyphs using images from the left and right Navcams taken on Sol 2. One can more easily see the distance changes as one looks farther away from Curiosity. It's clear that one cannot see the downward slopes on the far side of the undulations.
  Supplemental (20 Aug): I noticed this morning that Emily Lakdawalla did an anaglyph on Aug 8th so my anaglyphs are old news but they help see the topography to the east in the direction of Glenelg a little better . The raw images are filed under Engineering cameras. The left and right images appear to be slightly rotated relative to each other. I used some rocks as the focal point for the anaglyphs and close attention to detail without glasses shows that the blue images on the left side are a little higher relative to red than on the right. Do the cameras themselves have a tweak for this so that one does not have to correct by rolling one of the images?

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