Thursday, January 17, 2013

The MSL Jan 15th Teleconference

src: jplnasa
  Tuesday's JPL teleconference dealt with some of Curiosity's findings in the Yellowknife area over the last few weeks. The two most interesting items were some vein-filled material and some cross layering deposits. Chemical analysis indicates that the vein-filled material is most likely hydrated calcium sulfate that appears to have been left by water seeping through cracks in the rocks. The cross layering deposits with a variety of slopes are indicative of periodic water flows across the surface. Another discovery is a layer containing spherical objects which have been previously described as being formed in a water environment. Curiosity's plans include spending a few more days at the present location before it moves on to a nearby location dubbed John Klein where it will drill into the rocks there. They are also hoping to get a better view of the vein-filled material by breaking the rocks along a crack. After this Curiosity will move on to the lower reaches of Mt Sharp. telecon images & associated press release

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