Sunday, March 20, 2016

The 4 Quarters for the Year 1650

  The Four Quarters or Seasons are given in early American almanacs such as Uriah Oakes, An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1650,

 The 4 Quarters of this year. 1650

  The Vernall or Spring Quarter begins when [the] Sun enters into [the]
first degree of the signe Aries, which is this year [the] tenth of march
56 min past 3 in the morning making then equal day & night.
  The Estivall or Summer Quarter begins at such time as the Sun enters into 
Cancer, which this year is upon [the] 11 of June 46 m. after 7 in the 
morning: making then our longest day (viz. 15 hours & 8 min) & shortest 
night (viz. 8 hours 52 m.)
  The Autumnall or Harvest Quarter begins when the Sun enters into the sign 
Libra, which this year is upon [the] 12 of Septem: 33 m. after 10 at night, 
making then equall day & night.
  The Hybernall or Winter Quarter begins when [the] Sun enters into 
Capricorn, which this year is the 12 of December 9 min. past 9 before noon, 
making then our shortest day (viz. 8 hours & 52 min.) & longest night, 
(viz. 15 hours 8 min.)

Note the dates are given in Old Style which indicates the old Julian calendar used before the switch to New Style or the Gregorian calendar in which the dates appear to be 10 days later.

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