Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Running The Gauntlet

  Programming can be rather grueling at times. Right now I'm feeling like I've been doing a mind meld with a Vulcan again. Low grade headache. Stiff neck. Fatigued. Finding it difficult to focus. It's like I've been doing a mental version of running the gauntlet. But I've improved the range of the imround macro with a rewrite. The heart of the macro now is an IsComplex function designed to recognize the complex number format. It follows the design strategy of dumping a task if it doesn't recognize a format. Presumably, the user will handle the more complex cases. The numbers [N] are signed double precision and range in magnitude from 2.22507385850721E-308 to 1.79769313486232E+308.

Knowing the number format makes it easier to make simple corrections if the number is written with the i preceding the second number. The imround macro can now round large numbers and numbers with exponentials. Here's part of a test that it passed.

The second column contains the simplified complex numbers. The IsComplex function thinks I5 looks like a complex number. It appears to be missing a sense of context.

Supplemental (Feb 28): Feeling better after a little rest. Running the gamut might be a better expression for including all the desired syntaxes to be acted on.

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