Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Sol 25 Anaglyphs and Some Tricks

  During the last week I have been trying to standardize the production of anaglyphs made from MSL Navcam images. It can be somewhat tricky with varying the exposures and illuminations. A standard product makes it easier to switch from one view to another and the dimmer exposures need more contrast enhancements. The challenge is to shift the image along the grey scale so that the greatest amount of detail can be seen in the image. I tried to write a program to do this but the rotation due to the change in point of view and the small pebble sizes prevented me from getting a match for small clips taken from each image. Here are the anaglyphs from Sol 25.
  The last anaglyph proved to be the most difficult to do since the exposures differ some but playing with the upper bound for the contrast enhancement will shift the distributions to the same place on the grey scale and get the color balanced properly. To get the brightness correct one needs to shift the peak to a value of about 160. Here are the before and after histograms for the fifth anaglyph.

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