Friday, December 30, 2016

Doing the Simple Magic Square in Excel

  The procedure for creating the simple magic square in Excel is a little complicated so I decided to include some help for it. One needs to use the Define Name option in Formulas to label i, j, K, L and M. A curly brackets about a formula indicates you have to use ctrl-shift-enter 4x4 array selected to enter the formula. I've used formulatext( ) and offset( ) to indicate where to enter the formulas. The formula to enter at the highlighted location in an array is shown inside the curly brackets.

The first two numbers in offset( ) indicate a location relative to the upper left corner of an array and the second two the size of the selection in the array. The order is rows, columns. For K one selects the 4x4 array, types in "=4*(i-1)+j" (no quotes) and then presses ctrl-shift-enter. And likewise for F.

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