Monday, April 23, 2012

Eclipse Kits

Now is a good time to assemble the items needed to view an eclipse. The kit might include a simple card viewer designed to work as a pinhole viewer and a camera obscura type of viewer along with the required reading glasses.
A good kit would contain a history of eclipse viewing and details about the eclipse.
One could also include instructions for using the reading glasses with binoculars.
Supplemental: Kepler's observation of a sunspot in 1607 was reported as a transit of Mercury. Galileo observed them in 1610. see Sunspot early history. Early observations were obtained by looking at the Sun through a telescope. Many people were afraid to look out of fear of burning their eyes. Galileo went blind later in his lifetime so one should avoid taking the risk and the projection method is safer. It enables one to get real-time megapixel images without a filter.

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