Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today's Weather

Today's weather for the eclipse is looking fairly good about the state. The best weather along the path of maximum eclipse at 6pm will be near Reno, NV. The expected cloud cover is about 11% so there is still some risk that has to be dealt with. One might want to use the WunderMap to choose a suitable viewing site.
I've been doing a few checks like weather conditions. If you are going to take pictures it might be a good idea to check the time setting for the camera. Just take a photo of the time widget to the right and compare it with the time given on the camera info for the image. One might also want to have extra batteries and an extra memory card for the camera. A check list might be good for future use.
The best view of the eclipse is not that from a particular location but that of a group at different locations. The timing and details of the events of the eclipse could be used to determine relative latitude and longitude. Observing an eclipse properly requires teamwork. The best strategy is not to put all your eggs in one basket.
Supplemental (May 20): I set the camera clock so that the indicated minute was correct a :00 sec and when I took a picture there was a 2 second offset for the camera image data. Setting the camera for :01 sec resulted a compromise with the image info showing 1 second after the official time.

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