Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transit of Venus in One Week

As mentioned before the Transit of Venus will occur one week from today on Jun 5th or 6th depending on which side of the International Date Line you are on. It will be best observed in time zone UT + 10 hours which runs through Eastern Australia. One should be able to see the silhouette of Venus on the Sun's surface quite easily using eyepiece projection as one would do to observe sunspots. The entire transit will be observable in Australia and Eastern Asia after sunrise on the 6th. MICA details for Austrailia are shown in the image below. Note that the times are given in UT1 and can be converted to local time and correct for daylight savings time.
The entire transit will also be visible from Hawaii.
On the west coast of North America sunset will prevent the end of the transit from being seen.
If one does not have a telescope one should be able to see the transit on images of the Sun taken at Big Bear which are regularly updated. The transit may also be streamed live online from Hawaii.

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