Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some Dichotomies To Consider W.R.T. The Anomalies And Their Fits

  There are hidden assumptions that were made when we chose procedures to analyze the temperature anomaly data. The first is what is "noise" and what is "signal?" Another question that we might ask is whether the anomalies are analytic in the sense that we can use statistics and calculus to determine fits for the smoothed anomalies of are they capricious in nature and there is no real pattern to what can happen? We also need to ask if we are trying to seek what the anomaly data can tell us about climate change or are we trying to impose some preconceived notion on what is there? We need to keep an open mind. What we call Science is knowledge of the world that consists of facts supported by evidence. I think the jury is still out on global warming.

  I must admit I have been a little driven lately first by concerns about the upcoming IPCC report and by some personal problems that may limit my ability to do the things that I would like to.

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